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About Moodifier 

Moodifier is an innovative and environmentally friendly IP-connected lighting control system that utilizes the latest innovations in LED and IT technology to deliver the lighting solution of tomorrow.
It is designed from the ground up for modern LED light sources, Internet and a digital lifestyle and offers unparalleled levels of lighting control, automation and convenience in whole home, or single room lighting applications.
Powered solely by low voltage and/or PoE it also provides substantial environmental benefits over conventional lighting solutions.


Innovation, creativity and dedication since 2007 

The first Moodifier lighting control system and LED driver was conceived and developed back in 2007 by the two Swedish founders Erik Fohlin and Anders Andersson. It was developed out of frustration with all the existing lighting control systems which were too complex, hard to use, expensive and energy hungry. The founders had a joint vision to develop the next generation of easy to use, energy efficient, smart lighting, that was open and available to everyone.

Today, many years later, Moodifier is a privately owned UK limited company with head office just outside of London. Our product range has expanded greatly over the years and we now offer a complete and time tested smart lighting solution for the European and global residential market.


Future proof design from the ground up

Each Moodifier unit is directly connected to the LAN / Internet, via standard ethernet cables. LED lights are connected to each Moodifier unit by standard low voltage cables. The entire Moodifier lighting can be controlled from any internet connected device, anywhere. With its open and IP network based nature it allows developers to easily build extensions and integrate it into other systems. Ethernet has been the standard for internet connectivity since the mid 1980's. Given the universality of IP based ethernet networks we believe that this will ensure the best future proofing for any home lighting system, and ensure compatibility with future systems from both Moodifier and other suppliers. 

Peace of Mind with a 5 Year Guarantee

Moodifier control units are made to very high specifications and have been tested for CE Mark certification. Each unit is designed to have a long operating life and should comfortablaly last for many years to come. We are both proud and confident of our workmanship and we guarantee each of our Moodifier units and LED lights for five years. All you need to do to ensure you are covered by our extensive guarantee is to make sure you Install and connect the units and lights as outlined in our installation manuals. Your 5-year guarantee will be activated automatically once we ship your order.