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The Moodifier™ API

Would you like to create your own Moodifier lighting control applications, or incorporate advanced Moodifier lighting control within an existing application or system? Congratulations, Moodifier has a free, open and easy to use API that lets you do just that.

The Moodifier™ API lets you control Moodifier™ devices and software from any application or system with simple UDP or HTTP requests.

All you need to do to get the Moodifier™ API documentation is to fill in the form below and agree to the Moodifier™ API terms and conditions. The API documentation will then be emaild to you.

Moodifier™ API terms and conditions

- Moodifier™ is a trademark that is not owned by you. You may not use the Moodifier™ trademark in any way without the prior written permission from the rightful owner of the Moodifier™ trademark.

- You agree to not use the Moodifier™ API in ways that may harm or in any way disturb the intended operation and/or functionality of Moodifier™ hardware and/or software and/or the Moodifier™ trademark as a whole.

- By agreeing to these terms you are granted a non exclusive, non transferable, right to use the Moodifier™ API for the sole purpose of communication with and/or controlling Moodifier™ hardware devices and/or software over IP-networks. 


Moodifier™ API documentation request form

I agree to the Moodifier API terms and conditions. I do not agree.