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Moodifier™ LED driver

Enough electronics to set hearts on fire.

The Moodifier LED driver is a new and totally unique driver for LED-based lighting. Together with the accompanying Moodifier software it opens up new possibilities for how lighting can be controled.

The Moodifier LED driver lets you turn your lights on and off in a traditional way with standard wall switches, but you can also connect the device to your network. By connecting the Moodiffier LED driver to your network, you can easily create your own light settings and control the lighting from computers, cell phones and other networked devices, from anywhere.

With the Moodifier applications, you can create your own light settings, schedule and automate your lighting and let your lighting blend together  with your music, movies, TV, games and digital media.

A brilliant powerhouse.

A Moodifier LED driver can power up to 72 power LEDs which is enough to replace 24 traditional halogen lights. The unit has 12 LED channels, each of which can be individually controlled. Up to 6 1.2W power LEDs can be connected to each LED channel.

Blazing fast, flicker-free and accurate.

The Moodifier LED driver controls your lighting blistering fast and with perfect accuracy. Dimming is done throug pulse width modulation with adjustable frequency between 240Hz and 2.4 kHz which gives a flicker-free and perfect light output with smooth dimming regardless if light intensity is 1% or 100%. The brightness of each LED channel can be changed at a rate of 100 times per second, allowing for amazing light shows and effects.

Networked and always available.

The Moodifier LED driver is easily connected to the Internet or a local network using a standard Ethernet network cable. The lighting can then be controlled over the network via computers and mobile phones.

Easy to install.

Plugging in Moodifier is simple. Just connect the LED lights to the LED channels on the Moodifier LED driver, then connect the 24V DC power suply and the network cable. The Moodifier application will then automatically find the Moodifier LED driver on the network so that you can set and control your lights. If you want the abillity to turn the lights on and off with traditional wall switches you simply connect regular push button wall switches to the push button channels on the Moodifier LED driver.

Documentation and installation instructions

Moodifier LED driver

Technical Specification

Moodifier LED driver connections:

  • 1 Network connector (Ethernet)
  • 2 connectors to connect the power supply.
  • 24 connectors to connect 12 series with LEDs.
  • 4 connectors for connecting up to 6 push buttons.

Moodifier LED driver, technical data:

Power supply 24V DC (3,75 A)
LED channels 12
Current per LED channel 350mA
Power output per LED channel 7,5W
Push button functions 6
Network Ethernet 10/100
PWM Frequency 240Hz - 2,4kHz (adjustable)
Surge Protection Yes
Overheat protection Yes
Conforms to European EMC regulations Yes
CE marked Yes
Dimensions (LxWxH) 150(175)x95x50mm
Ambient temperature (operation) 0-35°C

Connection of the power supply, network, LEDs and push buttons may only be done in accordance with the instructions that are written on top of the Moodifier LED driver.