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Are you a building, IT or lighting professional?

Then you know that IP network lighting control is the way of the future.

Moodifier is at the forefront of this new realm of lighting control. 

The lighting industry focus is on bridging a plethora of complex lighting standards and protocols to also work with IP networks, struggling to make everything co-exist.

At Moodifier we instead focus on connecting low voltage LED lighting straight to IP networks, with minimum fuzz and outstanding lighting control capabilities.

After all, why bother with DALI, KNX, Z-wave or Zigbee if what you really want is lighting control over IP networks?

This approach makes Moodifier faster, more robust and less complex than the competition.

If Moodifier seems interesting to you, then don't hesitate to contact us today.


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Are you planning a renovation or new build?

Would you like a really smart, energy efficient and truly beautiful lighting for your project?

Maybe with an IP-camera surveillance and alarm system to go?

No problem, Moodifier has it all built in, and it is really easy to use.

Our team of highly experienced lighting designers, installers and implementors is happy to help you put together your dream solution.

Get started by visiting one of our local Moodifier web sites, there you will get help with everything from project planning and lighting design to installation and setup.


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