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The Moodifier™ Control Box

Looking after your home, 24/7-365

The Moodifier Control Box is a small network connected box, about the size of a deck of cards.

It lets you schedule, automate and control your entire Moodifier, Philips hue and other hue compatible ZigBee LED lights from any web browser on any device.

It also integrates with IP-cameras to act as a secure home alarm system that alerts you, sends you images and even records HD video from IP-cameras in case of an intrusion.

The control box basically gives you all the lighting control features of the Moodifier application for Mac and Windows, without the need of having a Mac or Windows computer running 24/7.

Main feautures

  • Moodifier lighting control.
  • Philips hue lighting control.
  • ZigBee lighting control, via hue bridge.
  • Unlimited number of light scenes.
  • Organisation of light scenes in zones.
  • Unlimited number of light scenarios.
  • Full light scheduling by time of day, day of week, weekends, weekdays, sunrise and sunset.
  • Full configuration of Moodifier wall switches.
  • Full Moodifier status reporting.
  • IP-alarm functionality with intrusion alert, image capture and IP-camera monitoring and recording.
  • HTTPS encrypted access security.
  • Import and export of light settings.

Energy efficient & environmentally friendly.

The control box is based on the Raspberry Pi 2 platform that typically only consumes 1-2 Watts of power, this is considerably less than any Mac or Windows computer.

Plug & Play

The Moodifier Control Box comes fully pre-configured with the Moodifier Daemon server software and supporting scripts pre-installed.

It is easy to setup and use, just plug it in to your LAN and access it by visiting home.moodifier.net with your preferred web browser, then you can start creating and scheduling your light scenes.

The Moodifier Control Box is available in a variety of different enclosures, including DIN-rail mounited enclosures.

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