Moodifier | Internet Age Lighting Control & Automation
The IP-conected LED lighting & low voltage control system
Residential applications
For over 10 years Moodifier has offered LED lighting control with perfectly smooth dimming that ensures a beautifully lit and energy efficient home. Use your smart-phone or standard wall switches to create beautiful light scenes for every occasion. Schedule and automate your lighting by day of week, time of day, sunrise or sunset. Add a few IP-cameras and you also get a security, surveillance and burglar alarm system that protects your home when you are not there. Explore the possibilities...
Commercial applications
Moodifier is a great candidate for commercial energy efficient and smart IP-connected lighting applications. A perfect choice for everything from conference rooms and restaurants to interactive applications in exhibitions. It can be as simple as automatically setting different light scenes for lunch, dinner and night-club time in a restaurant, to more advanced interactive setups where objects or areas are lit up when specified events occur or motion is detected. Request a demonstration...
Industrial applications
Moodifier can control LED lighting, NO/NC relays, 12-24V, 0/1-10V and PWM controllable devices. A perfect solution when you need a lighting or energy control solution to be able to integrate with everything from buttons and sensors to IP-network connected devices. Moodifier can be controlled from buttons, sensors and over IP-networks. In short, it let´s you control and monitor your devices over IP-networks as well as physical inputs and sensors. Check out our product range...

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