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Access your Moodifier lighting easily from anywhere
In the past you have had to open a port in your router and set up a dynamic DNS service to be able to access your Moodifier lighting when you are not at home (connected to your Wifi network). This procedure can be tricky for users that may not be fluent in router setup and DNS configuration. To secure the connection you have also had to setup a self signed SSL certificate that enables encryption for the connection.

Many of you have asked for an easier way to access your Moodifier lighting from remote, and here it is.

A Moodifier Access Account makes it easy for you to access your Moodifier lighting from anywhere on the internet, just type in your own moodifier sub domain in any web browser. But that is not all, the account also ensures that the connection is fully encrypted and secure all the way from your Moodifier lighting to wherever you access it from.

Moodifier Access Accounts are implemented in the latest versions of Moodifier Server (daemon) and all you need to do to activate it is to upgrade your Moodifier Server and get a Moodifier Access Account.

Choose your very own moodifier sub domain ( ) and activate it in the Moodifier Server Admin area by simply entering your account email address and password. Once that is done you will be able to securely access your Moodifier lighting on your personal moodifier address from anywhere you like.

The Moodifier Access Accounts start at €3.75 per month, and yes, we do have some more future plans for the Moodifier Access Accounts, specially for those of you that use the Moodifier burglar alarm features.

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