How to get Moodifier

We mainly distribute and sell our products through our global partner program.

We no longer sell individual stand alone Moodifier units directly to end consumers over the web. We are aware that this is frustrating for some consumers who would like to purchase Moodifier units directly from us.

Home owners
If you are planning a new build or major renovation and would like to install Moodifier you should instruct your building and/or electrical contractor to contact a member of our partner program as early in the planning process as possible.

If you are a house builder, electrical contractor or if you are performing a new build or major renovation yourself you should also contact a member of our partner program. They can provide you with everything from Moodifier products to Moodifier training and support.

Commercial & industrial applications
If you are developing a commercial application involving lighting and/or energy control and would like to investigate and take advantage of what Moodifier has to offer you should contact one of our design, integration and development partners.

Our partners will work closely with you to ensure that your project becomes a success.



Barsark are experts in Moodifier technology, lighting control and IT integration. They can assist you on all technical matters from choice of suitable LED lights and cabling to integration and development of custom software.


Lumilab are experts in Moodifier, lighting design and smart energy efficient LED lighting. Located in Holland with access to a network of trained Moodifier installers they cover the central European region.

Become a partner

If you would like to join our team of design, integration and development partners you should contact us with a description of what it is you do, and how you would like to work with the Moodifier products.

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