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Happy New Year!
2019 - the Moodifier 10-year anniversary

Did you know that it is now over 10 years since we completed the first Moodifier LED lighting installation for the residential market? It was part of a kitchen and living room renovation with a total of 16 warm white LED down lights and 14 RGB LED down lights.

Today, 10 years later, we are very proud to let you know that this Moodifier installation, our very first, is still in full operation providing beautiful lighting, without ever having to change a single broken LED light or Moodifier driver.

Many things have happened since 2008, back then the revolutionary iPhone 3G had just come out and LED lights were hardly even available. The thought of controlling residential LED lighting with an iPhone felt almost like a futuristic sci-fi dream.

Technology sure moves quickly nowadays, no one is using an outdated old iPhone 3G in 2019, they have all broken or been thrown away due to becoming totally unusable. No shame on the iPhone 3G, it was an innovative milestone. In todays world very few things are designed to last ten years or longer. Even fewer things are designed to still feel fresh and new after ten years of use.

Moodifier is an exception, we designed Moodifier to last and feel fresh and new for at least ten to twenty years, and now, finally, after ten years we are starting to se hard evidence to back this up.

Our first Moodifier residential lighting installation works just as well today as it did ten years ago, and it feels just as fresh, new and easy to use today as it did back then. Over the years it has also gradually been expanded from covering just the kitchen and living room area to also cover bathroom, bedroom and office spaces. But that is not all, today it also provides a sophisticated IP based security, surveillance and burglar alarm system for the building.

Since our first residential Moodifier installation back in 2008 there have been many more installations and as far as we know, apart from the house that was hit by a direct lighting strike, they all still work providing smooth dimming and beautiful light scenes 24/7-365.

Moodifier lighting control and home automation worked on all computers and handheld devices back in 2008, today in 2019 it also works on all the latest computers and handheld devices, and yes, we designed it all in a way so that it will continue to work on all new computers and handheld devices ten years down the line in 2029.
Posted on 2019-01-07

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