Moodifier Hardware
Moodifier manufactures innovative IP-connected low voltage controllers. These controllers can power and control LED lighting, dimmers, relays and many other types of electrical equipment over any standard IP-network. We developed our first IP connected constant current LED driver in 2008, and have since continued to improve and grow our product range.

DIN-rail mounted units
Our latest range of DIN-rail mounted master and slave units offer a unique combination of IP-connected 12-24V constant voltage, 350mA constant current and 0-10V/PWM signal control units. Our master and slave concept offers great flexibility and scalability for any residential, commercial or industrial project.

Moodifier Constant Voltage Driver


Moodifier 0-10V/PWM Dimmer


Moodifier Constant Current Driver


Original black box units
Our original black box units cover everything from PoE-powered LED drivers to 12-24V constant voltage and 350mA constant current master and slave units. We still sell and support these units, and will continue to do so for a long time. Documentation and specifications for these units are available here.

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